Welcome and We Don't Want you to Buy Anything

What?! That's correct! Amy and I (Danielle) don't want you to buy anything. Well, maybe we should say we don't want you to buy JUST anything. The Thistle Grey was born from the desire to offer a place where you can choose high quality goods that have meaning and fit your aesthetic. Being makers ourselves, we know how important it is to put passion and love into your work and as collectors we also know how it feels to be surrounded by pieces you love.



Amy will be posting from her blog called Behind The Wheel, all about pottery and her life with clay. Danielle will post from Behind The Bench, all about fire, metal and plenty of mistakes. 

We will update the website and collections regularly and you can keep up with us by signing up for our newsletter. We promise we only send the good stuff when we have it. We also post often on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook so please join us there! We would love to see you and your pieces from The Thistle Grey so anytime you tag us using #alifewellcurated in your pics, we will love on you back!

So please stick around - this will be a great ride! 


Amy and Danielle

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